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Q. What is FuelmyGaadi.com ?

FuelmyGaadi.com is an on-line portal providing subscription service in association with Mahanagar Gas Limited(MGL) to offer Q-less filling of CNG for private cars(White Number Plates) in the city of Mumbai, Navi-Mumbai and Thane through the various CNG filling stations(CFS) of MGL.

Q. What is this subscription service ?

FuelmyGaadi.com offers this subscription service wherein CNG car owners can register with us on www.FuelmyGaadi.comand start booking the time slots for Q-less filling. Upon registration, Car owners will be provided with Subscriber Number(Login id) and password. Subscriber has to use the login id and password to make their booking of date, selected pump and time slot. Subscriber has to then arrive at the booked time slot at the selected pump and fill CNG without any waiting time or Q.Presently the time slots are available at non-peak hours i.e 11 PM to 6 AM . This may vary from time to time and real-time time slots will be available on the portal.

Q. Why should i opt for this service ?

Due to continuous growth of CNG vehicles in the city, the CFSs see long Qs and vehicles take anywhere between 15 to 45 minutes during peak hours and certain normal hours. With limitations to roll out more CNG filling stations, Qs may become longer.FuelmyGaadi.comhas tied up with MGL to have dedicated CNG filling nozzles at each of the pump between 11 PM and 6 AM when subscribers can book a time slot, arrive at the selected pump, fill CNG and avail the cash back.All payments shall be administered through the MGL Fuel Card.

Q. What is MGL Fuel Card and cash back scheme?

Registered subscriber’s will be provided with an MGL Fuel Card. Car owners can make payments towards purchase of CNG at all times with this MGL Fuel card. Subscriber’s who fill CNG through the time-slot booking on www.FuelmyGaadi.com shall be eligible for cash back . The cash back shall be credited on Subscriber’s MGL Fuel card.

Under the night filling service, subscribers shall receive cash-back on the MGL Fuel card as follows:

  1. 4 fills and above per calendar month - Rs 250/-
  2. 8 fills and above per calendar month - Rs 500/-
  3. Minimum billing per fill shall be Rs 100/-
  4. Cash back shall be credited on Subscriber’s MGL Fuel card between 1st to 5th of the subsequent month.
  5. For more details on MGL fuel card, click here.

Q. What is the guarantee that Car Owner will not face any Q at the CFSs ?

FuelmyGaadi.com has dedicated nozzles allotted during 11 PM to 6AM . Other cars cannot fuel during these hours at the dedicated nozzles.

Q. Can a Subscriber book the time slot on phone?

No.Bookings can only be done online through the portal.

Q. How do I know about my cash back amount?

A monthly statement on CNG quantity purchased under the subscription service and cash back availed shall be emailed to subscribers at end of the month.

Q. Is the filling done on all days ?

In case of specific holidays or outages of any pump, it will get reflected in the booking calendar as those dates will be blocked.

Q. What happens if I reach later than the booked time slot?

Subscriber’s are urged to arrive at the booked time slot and a window of 10 minutes is available. In case the Subscriber comes later than 10 minutes , CNG filling shall be done but cash back eligibility may be lost due to the late arrival.

Q. What happens if I forget my MGL Fuel card?

The purpose of MGL fuel card is to bring in efficiency in payment time by avoiding exchange of cash, return of balance cash and certain complaints that pump operators are unable to return small cash. As such Subscribers at all times must carry the MGL fuel card. In case Subscriber does not have the MGL Fuel card , he may pay by other means but cash back eligibility may be lost.