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Need for this Service :

Due to its greener footprint and lower cost , CNG is rapidly becoming the preferred fuel. Consequently, growth in the population of private CNG run cars coupled with increase in the number of public transport vehicles including CNG Taxis , CNG Rickshaws and other CNG run vehicles have resulted in long Qs at the CNG Filling Stations(CFS). Limitation to roll out more CFS in the city of Mumbai at a faster pace could result in Qs becoming longer at certain peak hours and saturation during normal hours.

To give respite to Mumbaikars from the Qs and chaos at CFSs, FuelmyGaadi.com with support from MAHANAGAR GAS LIMITED(MGL) introduces its unique fuelling service wherein private CNG car owners(Black number on white number plate) can book their time slot between 11.00pm to 6.00 am , arrive at the chosen pump and fill CNG without any queue. MGL will incentivise car owners availing this service with cash back on the MGL Fuel card based on the CNG quantity filled in a month.

Value Proposition :

Private Car owners availing the night filling service through our portal shall be incentivised with a Cash Back depending on the CNG quantity purchased. Subscribers shall be provided with a contactless Fuel card and payments at the Pumps will be administered only through this card. Cash Back based on CNG quantity purchased will be credited on the Fuel card between 2nd to 5th of every calendar month. Monthly statements on CNG purchases and cash back details will be emailed to subscribers .

Cash Back :

Under the night filling service, subscribers shall receive cash-back on the MGL Fuel card as follows:

4 fills and above per calendar month - Rs 250/-

8 fills and above per calendar month - Rs 500/-

Subscribers are assured minimum annual savings of Rs 3000/- going upto Rs 6000/-

Minimum CNG billing of Rs 100/- per fill is mandatory to avail cash back.

Here's How It works

Simple. All you have to do is register with us . Upon registration, you will be provided with a subscriber number and password through which you can login onto our portal and book your time slot. Following are the steps

  1. Register by filling online registration form.
  2. Upon registration , you will be provided with a Subscriber Number(login id) and password which will be emailed to your registered email id. At times , the registration email may flow to the Subscribers spam section, as such Subscribers are requested to check spam section if the registration email is not available in the inbox.
  3. Subscriber shall use the login id and password to login to the website and make their booking of date, selected pump and time slot.Only one time slot can be booked per day. Booking details shall be emailed / SMSed to the Subscriber.
  4. During your first visit , you will be receive a welcome kit containing the Contactless Fuel Card . This fuel card would be linked to your mobile number provided by you in the registration form. Payments at the pump as well as the cashback will be administered through this Fuel Card .MGL Contactless Fuel card minimises payment time and exchange of cash/return of balance cash and is a step-up towards digitalising payment mechanism.
  5. For more details on how to acquire and use the contactless card , click here.
  6. The night filling services carried out at select MGL Filling Stations shall be governed by terms and conditions of MGL. To see the terms and conditions, click here.